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Hi Team PlayStation Access!

Thanks for coming to have a gander at my CV DLC. 


In this video you'll find a sizzle reel of selected work over the years, a recorded performance of some of my writing, as well as some clips of my acting work.

Please feel free to adventure off-piste to the other pages of my website if it tickles your fancy.

Next up.

In this video, you'll find a segment called BAD TAKE TUESDAY.  The video is scripted and read by me, a big daft Scottish nerd.

I hope it gives you an insight into my passions, opinions and personality.

I also hope you take it in the spirit in which it was intended, and take it very, very seriously.

There we are.  I hope you enjoyed that, I'm counting on your efforts to help us crowd-fund the sequel with farming and romance options.

Next, here you'll find links to some more examples of my writing.  These are scripts and plays that I've written over the years, and while not strictly video game content, they'll give you a sense of my creative identity and references.

The links will take you to a google drive folder where you can view or download the scripts.

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