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Stornoway Quebec, 2023

"It boasts fine performances from the young duo of MJ Deans..." - The National, 9th of April, Mark Brown

"Uillemina, possibly the most complex character in the play is brought to life by MJ Deans..."

"...sound design maintains the theme with Gaelic Song (beautifully delivered by MJ Deans)"

- AllEdinburghTheatre, 10th of April, Allan Wilson

"Deans carries key moments of this proudction with potency..."

- Theatre Scotland, 7th of April, Hannah Cook

"There are strong performances from the five-strong cast too...  ...While Sam James Smith and MJ Deans impress respectively as..."

- The Stage, 5th of April, Fergus Morgan

"Uillemina, the inn-keeper's wife, powerfully played by MJ Deans..."

- The Scotsman, 12th of April, Joyce McMillan

Rocket Post, 2022 & 2017

"The cast (David Rankine, MJ Deans and Ailie Cohen) have a magnetism that draws you in and keeps you enthralled. Utterly, utterly charming..."

- Glasgow Theatre Blog, 26th of October 2022


"Performed by David Rankine, MJ Deans and designer Ailie Cohen, Rocket Post has a stellar trio leading the performance from conception to finale."

 - Corr Blimey, 31st of October 2022, Dominic Corr


"The story’s young heroine, Bellag, beautifully played by MJ Deans..."

- The Scotsman, 25th of September 2017, Joyce McMillan

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