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Voice Reels

Commercial Reel
00:00 / 01:22
Narrative/Character Reel - Scottish (Native)
00:00 / 01:47
Scottish Gaelic Reel
00:00 / 01:52

Scottish Government:
Net Zero Explainer

Recent Clients

Videogame/Animation Reel

Videogame/Animation Reel - Scottish (Native) & RP
00:00 / 03:10

Tactical Shooter - Native (Central Scottish)

Fantasy RPG - Native (Central Scottish)

Dark Fantasy RPG - Native (Central Scottish)

Action Adventure - Native (Central Scottish)

Dark Fantasy RPG - RP

Looter Shooter - Heightened Scottish

2D Roguelike RPG - Native (Central Scottish)


JRPG - Native (Central Scottish)

JRPG Anime - Native (Central Scottish)

A Highland Song

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with the award winning Inkle Studios on their new game A Highland Song.  

I voice the player character Moira as she goes on a mysterious adventure through the highlands of Scotland, accompanied by the music of TALISK and Fourth Moon.

A Highland Song will be playable on PC and Nintendo Switch soon, and you can wish list it on Steam now!


I recorded all Moira's lines from my Home Studio.

Home Studio

Mic: Rode NT1-A
Interface: Scarlet Solo 2i2

Audacity, Garageband, Ableton
Line tested (Source Connect)
Discord, Skype, Zoom etc.

Internet speed: Over 200mbps download

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